Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Some either love it or hate it. I love to be outside running with headphones and the music blaring or playing tennis. I am definetly not a fast runner at all, but I break a decent sweat and get my heart rate up there. The first half mile is just horrible though. I try to pick one of my favorite running song to get me going. Once I have that little part done I pick up speed and can run forever!! Today I ran for about an hour and could have gone longer but I wanted to get home and shower. Riley was at preschool today and those mornings that I can actually get into the shower without a four year old in there with me are pure bliss. I love how running in the cool air with loud music makes me feel. I love the fresh start to the day. I know lots of people that run in groups and can talk the whole time their running. Me . . . no way!! I love to put those headphones in my ears and talk to no one. In fact I far prefer running alone to running with someone. I love how when you get home from a run, sweaty, and you sit down with that cold glass of water and you feel such an accomplishment. Today was my first time running outdoors all season. Unfortunately we have had yucky weather, in fact we had a foot of snow last week.

My other favorite form of exercise is cardio tennis. It's basically tennis drills with up to eight people and one tennis pro set to loud music. Cardio tennis is similiar to interval training because you might hit three forehands then run around the court and wait for you next turn. I don't know how many miles you are logging but the hour goes by so fast. There is some down time when you are picking up balls but you're still moving. Love love love cardio tennis. If there was a place that had indoor courts and offered cardio tennis in the winter then I would honestly walk around with a smile all year round.

You know what I don't like though. I hate indoor exercise classes. I really want to like them. I tried spinning classes for a few weeks and I swear I spent most of my time turning around trying to look at the clock. I get way too hot and way too bored. Plus I'm not good at pushing myself to peddle harder and faster up those imaginary hills. I loved the spinning class teacher and she did an amazing job with the class, it's just that spinning is not for me. The other thing I'm not good at is running on a treadmill. I don't care what is on tv or how interesting the people in the gym are, it's just not for me. I find myself watching every 1/10 mile click past. After about twenty minutes I'm done.

In the gym I work better with someone coaching me along. I've tried personal trainers, friends, anyone who will hold me accountable. I think I finally figured out the rules for me though. If I want to stick with the exercise I have to figure out why I want to do it. What am I hoping to accomplish. For me that means fitting into those size 2 jeans comfortably, wearing that bikini and loving how I look in it, and feel good about myself. I have battled issues with my self esteem my whole life and exercising keeps that in control for me.

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