Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Snow in May

I heard some nasty nasty rumor we were getting snow on Monday. I tried not checking the weather because really what's the point? The weather is going to come no matter what I do. I woke up to flurries and in a matter of a few hours we had a full blown blizzard. Riley and I went to a friends house for the morning to hang out and the kidlets to blow off some energy inside. After a few hours Riley and I needed to get home to get on with the rest of our day. At this point it's still snowing but not sticking to the streets. Finally we headed out to Wild Cherries for a meeting with two other moms to coordinate a camping trip for the girls. In the hour we were at Wild Cherries my car was covered in a inches of snow, the roads were covered, and there were times when you seriously could not see in front of you.

Off to pick up Olivia from school. Waiting in the line to just enter the school took ten minutes. Olivia was freezing and covered with snow by the time she got into the car. The biggest thing you need to know about Truckee kids is that they don't wear jackets. At most on a snowy day then might wear a hoodie but that's it. Occasionally if we get three feet and they plan to play in the snow will the actual snow gear come out of the mud room. I pulled out of the school and Northwoods was a parking lot except for the multiple cars sliding sideways down the street. Hmmm, how am I going to get home??

I was trying to pass some time before having to go up Northwoods so we stopped at 7-11 and dropped off a redbox movie. I was thinking of going the back way behind 7-11 but I didn't think I could get up those roads. I took my studs off two weeks ago. So I decided to brave Northwoods. It actually wasn't too bad and the sliding car I had to pass was on the lower section. Then we had the big debate about wether I could get up my driveway and should I even attempt it. Alex said no, just park on the bottom and Olivia thought sliding backwards down the driveway might not be too bad. Amazingly we made it up on the first try. We did a little swerving in the middle section but we got up.

It was only then did I realize that I was going to have to snowblow the driveway because Waltman was done with their end of the contract. They even went so far as to pull their snow poles. HMMMMM So I started dinner, put on my jacket, and snowshoeing boots and blowed the driveway. I've done it for so many years that I can blow the driveway in no time. We ended up with about a foot of snow in May but hopefully hopefully hopefully this is it!!! Either that or there may be a line at the psychiatrists offices with people needing some good drugs!!!

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