Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The social life of a teenager

Alex is 15 and a freshman in highschool. In the beginning of the year he was on the highschool tennis team. Practice was four days a week with Thursdays being matches. That combined with some honors courses made for little free time. It seemed like some days he was doing school work until 11:00 at night. Then you add the girlfriend and was always busy. I was glad when tennis ended so things calmed down just a little. Then came nordic team. That was HUGE!! Pracitces Monday thru Wednesday at the nordic center and Thursdays were wax days followed by races on Fridays. The girlfriend was gone too. Now it's spring and things have just gotten insane with his schedule. He's working at the tennis center a few days a week, has a new girlfriend, and is participating in two youth groups on three different days. Oh and you must throw in the dates that I have to drive because neither teenager drives yet.

Today Alex and gf get out of school at 2:30 and want to go rollerskating at Northstar. Well Riley has to be picked up from preschool at 3:00 and Olivia gets out of elementary school at 3:15. Not enought time to pick up the highschoolers and take them to Northstar. I think I'll be calling my parents to see if they can pick up Riley at school. So far the carpooling with the gf's mom is going well. I usually only have to drive one way, but I'm literally puttin hundreds of miles on my car with all his activities.

How can you say no though?? I love that he goes to youth group. I do wish Young Life on Sundays and Mondays was closer but Alex loves it and has made some great connections. The Tuesday youth group is the gf's group but Alex likes to go now too. That one is not too bad, but still at hike to get there.

Alex can actually start driving this year, but I'm on the fence about how that is going to go. With living in Truckee and all the snow we get I don't really want him driving on his own during the winter. Plus the thought of putting Tyler, Olivia, and Riley in the car with my teenage driver scares the crap outta me.

Highschool is about figuring out what life has to offer with considerable more freedoms. I don't mind letting Alex do all these things because he's a great kid and has proven himself to be trustworthy and responsible time and time again. I like that he has lots of friends and wants to hang out and enjoy what highschool has to offer. I cannot even begin to imagine what life is going to be like in a few years when I have two in highschool!! It seems like just yesterday Alex was three and Tyler was si months old and my biggest issue was getting Alex to bed and Tyler sleeping through the night. Some days I miss those days!

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