Monday, May 3, 2010

The one home sick

Riley, my four year old is home sick today. He's been getting sick for a few days and even took a four hour nap on Saturday. Yesterday we got home from soccer and he had fallen asleep in the car. Not unusual for him, but once transfered from the car just wanted to sleep in my bed. Then he woke up an hour later coughing and feeling warm. A netflix movie on the tv and some strawberry milk and he was feeling better. He ended up in my bed around 2:00 am and coughed ALOT last night.

This morning he woke up and announced that he was too sick to go to preschool. That I totally agree with. BUT he also announced he wanted to take a big bubble bath and watch movies all day in my bed. I knew he wasn't going to preschool but I was hoping to get out and do a few things. I need to drop off Alex's rehire packet and renew some library books. I was also hoping to play some tennis but that may not happen today. Oh well there are plenty of things that Ive been ignoring around the house for way too long that need to be attended to.

So far no one else is sick but I'm not holding out too much hope that will continue. I swear last summer we ended up getting lots of weird things. Riley got pink eye and promptly shared it with many many people. Man that stuff is just grose. Then we had the unexplained fever that lasted four days. So I guess the moral of today's blog post is that I should really stay home and disinfect the house to keep this little cold contained!!! BUT I REALLY WANT TO PLAY SOME TENNIS!!

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  1. I'm happy to be your first responder as it should be and this should be a fun blog focusing on life as it is in a small but very active mountain town--love you.