Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spray Tan

A friend of mine went in with a few other girls and bought a spray tan machine. The three women each take turns using the machine. My friend, H, borrowed the machine and sprayed three of us gals today. Ofcourse an event like this requires a little champagne and brie to go along with it. After a glass or two of champagne we went upstairs to start spraying. I had to pick up Alex from school in less than an hour and didn't want to be late. I had Riley with me too so we put a show on downstairs for him.

I was first and it was't bad. It was a little cold but overall not bad. Once H was done spraying me I used the air compressor hose to dry off areas that were still wet. Most of my body was dry and slight tacky to the touch but that's it. I got dressed and H sprayed E and then I sprayed H. It goes surprisingly fast. I think the three of us got sprayed and it took about twenty minutes total. Riley came in while I was spraying H saying that was done watching his movie.

It's amazing what a spray tan will do for your mood. It's really feeling like spring and maybe summer is actually right around the corner. I kept looking in the mirror of H's bathroom to check out my new color. I love love love it!! H said it should last about a week to ten days. The girls talked about doing this once a week with a little refreshments in the beginning.


  1. Ooh that sounds so lovely! I always feel so much prettier when I am tan! Could definitely go for one now. {grin}