Friday, May 14, 2010

A sick kid

With four kids at home it's inevitible that the stomach flu hits our house atleast once a year. This year is no different. Tyler came home from a track meet yesterday saying his stomach hurt. Fast forward to this morning when into my room and said that he had thrown up all night long. Poor thing. So he is now relegated to his room and the bathroom only. He's the best one about staying put. I remember being little and being sick. We got to lay on the couch downstairs and watch tv. Nope, not my kids. They are in their rooms!!

I have this huge phobia of stomach flu's! I hate how it tends to spread from one person to another and before you know it the whole family is down. I have a barf bucket in my laundry room that has my cleaning supplies for the stomach flu. It has gloves, a sponge, and bleach. I go in atleast once a day and will bleach Tyler's bathroom and then get a new sponge and do the rest of the bathrooms. Hopefully we can contain it to just him.

Right now Tyler is laying on his bed watching tv on the computer taking little sips of water and hopefully he will hold that down. I should really get to the store to pick up some chicken noodle soup for him. I have to drop Riley off at preschool and then I was going to play some tennis for an hour with a friend. The grocerty store is just down the street from the highschool where I start my afternoon pick up routine.

Say a prayer that it stops with just one child.


  1. Can certainly do that! I have a vomit-phobia and wonder (at the ripe ol' age of 22!) how in the world I'll ever survive that hurdle with kids. Good luck, will pray for the best!

  2. I wish I could say you get used to it, but i haven't yet.