Friday, May 7, 2010


If you were to ask me what my ideal house would it has definetly changed over the years. When I got out of college and moved to Atlanta, Ga I wanted to live in downtown Buckhead. Atlanta is such a cosmopolitan city. They call it the gateway to the South. There are so many shops, bars, nightclubs and everything is right there. The weather if nice, except in the summer with all the humitidy. I had it all planned out. I was going to buy one of those condos in the city and live, work, shop, party down there. No need to go anywhere else.

Fast forward a few years and Alex is born. Now we move to California and buy a house. I still always wanted to live in a big city but San Francisco was just not an option. We sold house number one and bought house number two even further from the city, but this time we had a pool. Pools are nice and make the summers in Sonoma County much nicer. Then we buy a house in Lake Tahoe because . . . it seemed like a good investment and the weather in September when we bought the house was nice. Plus my parents live in Lake Tahoe.

I always wanted my kids to grow up near their grandparents because it was something I never had. I remember driving to my grandparents house and just dreading the weekend. They were almost strangers most of the time. Now my kids live five minutes from my parents and have an amazing relationship with them. In fact mine take for granted that everyone can go spend the night with gumpa and have pancakes in the morning or pop over for an hour and have lunch.

While I like living in Tahoe I definetly do it for the kids. The winters are hard and can seem endless. Especially when you get a foot of snow in April. Shoot me now!!!!LOL!!! The kids are so involved with everything that makes Tahoe what is is special about living here. But every once in a while I get the house bug to move. This winter was no different, but times have changed. It used to be that you would buy a house, hold on to it for five years and sell it for a huge profit.

The whole time I have bought and sold houses that's how it's been. I definetly recognize that is the exception and not the norm. I can no longer assume that my house would sell for a huge profit and that it would sell at all. I was looking at houses on and found some cute houses. Not practical for my family but cute nonetheless.

The other type of house I would love to own is an old Victorian. Petaluma Ca has a few streets that have such houses. I found two that were really cute. Again, not practical for my family but suprisingly affordable My favorite was built in 1885 and has five bedrooms. Sounds great, but it's only 1500sqft. I'm not sure you could even fit a bed in those rooms. The house was completely redone and it has a wrap around porch!!! It interesting how your ideal house changes as you do. Maybe once the kids are out of school and on their own I'll get that fun condo in the city or maybe an old Victorian. Who knows what the future holds for any of us.

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