Monday, May 3, 2010

Lost cellphones

I was talking on my cellphone while driving to the mailboxes today and somehow got distracted. The call ended and I placed my phone on top of the cluster boxes to open up my mailbox. I got the mail and then drove away leaving my cellphone sitting on top of the mailboxes. I then drove to Olivia's school and proceeded to read US Magazine. About fifteen minutes into reading the magazine I got this sick feeling something was wrong with my cellphone. So I put the magazine done and started looking for my phone. After a few minutes of searching quietly as not to awaken the sick four year old in the backseat I start to panic. OMG where is my cellphone. I realize the last place I had it was at the mailboxes. But I'm not stuck in the elementary school parking lot.

Olivia finally gets out of school and into the car. I drive off to the mailboxes, hitting every light and all the slow cars seem to in front of me. Like they are out to get me. I pull into the mailboxes and my phone is not there. Now panic really sets in. I for some reason has this non-normal reaction to loosing or breaking my cellphone. I start shaking, crying, and generally freaking out. All the while Olivia is sitting in the back seat reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Riley is still asleep.

I pull into the garage and start frantically tearing the car apart. No cell phone. I go upstairs to get the cordless to attempt to call my cell and I have a message on the home phone. Someone from Tahoe Donner tennis found my phone. She picked it up and realized it was mine and called my house. We agreed to meet at the mailboxes so I could get my phone. I saw Linda's car pull up and she got out of the car and she was holding my cell phone. I literally started shaking all over again. I gave her the biggest hug and thanked her profusely!!! So THANK YOU LINDA for finding my phone and getting it back to me.

Now I get to go to bookclub at Dragon Fly restaurant and have the largest drink because I have my cell phone back. So maybe living in a small town does have its benefits!!!!!!

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