Monday, May 17, 2010


What would we do without them???? I have some of the best in the world. You know what I did tonight?? My friend, Heidi called me today and was in a bind. She has three kids an a hubby that works out of town just like mine. She wanted to celebrate a friends birthday at Dragon Fly. She called and asked if I could help her out and watch her daughter who is a year older than Riley. Sure, no problem I would love to watch Julia. I had to drop off and pick up my kids are all their activities and when I got home Heidi shows up ten minutes later with not one but two kids. Apparently Jack also wated to stay. No problem!!! I had dinner ready early because I had to drive Alex and two friends to younglife in Glenshire and it's an hour drive round trip. So six kids got sloppy joes, boneless bbq chicken nuggets, and edaname. Dinner was done and some plates actually ended up in the dishwasher.

I grabbed Alex and we headed out. No sooner do I get home and the kids are in the living room watching tv, then Heidi rings the doorbell. She brings a bottle of wine and we ended up dancing for way too long with the kids to the rock and roll hall of fame 25th anniversary concert. It was so nice to hang out at night on a school night (not much longer) and let loose with the kids. Yall should have seen the kids. They were dancing, laughing, and haveing the best time listening to the music.

Heidi and I are also planning a girls trip. The husbands dont know yet, but man will this be fun. Two years ago five girlfriends and I drove down to Napa, rented a house, and went wine tasting and then did the spa thing for a weekend. It was amazing!!! I'm not sure how wonderful the husbands thought it was having to watch the kids over the weekend but OMG it was just what we needed. This time we are going a little further than Napa. Lets just say it involves a plane and some tickets to attend the "event" but so worth it. Until next time . . .

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